Set of 3 Tulip Prints, Floral Wall Art

Set of 3 Tulip Prints, Floral Wall Art

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This featured set includes 3 soft pink dreamy tulip prints.

It's always difficult during the winter when the landscape is barren and gray. Unless I make an effort to seek out architectural features, there is not much else to capture around me. There are plenty of tulips in the markets near me. A friend and I worked with them against different backdrops. I finished these with some textures and a bit of blur and I think they are lovely as a set of 3 for a nursery or sunroom. 

  • Prints arrive unframed unless framing is selected

  • Prints are printed on lustre paper. Fine art paper is also available.

  • Custom requests can be made via email. Please contact me with any questions.

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This featured set includes 3 tulip prints. This lovely fine art wall decor would work well in a shabby chic styled home, farmhouse or nursery. One of a kind custom fine art is the perfect gift.