How Art Can Elevate a Space

There is nothing that excites me more than a blank wall. I don’t consider a room complete until wall art has been chosen, framed and hung on the wall. There are so many ways wall decor can affect a room - it can harmonize the existing colors in the room or add a bright bold color to a neutral room. It can soften the atmosphere — make an overly formal room less so.

Art can create a focal point, a place to draw your eye. Most importantly, art can make a statement, elevating and transforming a space into something truly unique.

2019-05-17 14.06.21crop.jpg

My friend Christie Adams, a local Ridgewood, NJ interior designer was completing a full home renovation when she asked for my assistance for a print to hang in this farmhouse style kitchen. Together we chose one of my NYC prints and I love the way it adds a touch of modern, urban style to the feel of the room.

This is another room by Christie Adams Design. For this room, we opted for a beach print to accent the neutral walls. The blues add some color but the print colors are soft enough to harmonize and bring a touch of drama to the room.

2019-05-17 13.57.46-crop.jpg

Beach art is a great way to add serenity in an already softly colored room. This print was framed in a rustic farmhouse style frame so that it coordinates well with the white table. It completes the look by cohesively marrying the colors and style of the room.

It also make a lovely focal point for the space above the table where before it was just a plain white wall.

This serene, white space really calls for a print that matches the texture and enhances the color scheme. A strong, bold color would be too jarring here and break the spa-like feel.

You could certainly go with a subtly stronger color like a gray or soft yellow but when white is really the only tone in a room, whatever bold color you choose will certainly make a statement.


As with all recommendations, these are made to be broken. If you’re stuck on what to hang, please feel free to reach out to me. I love helping people choose art for their walls and I’m always open to breaking a few rules too.