Choosing the Right Frame for your Art

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You’ve chosen your piece of art. You’ve measured the space and chosen the wall. Before you can hang your art, you need to frame the final piece. Choosing the right frame is almost as hard as choosing the art. A good frame enhances the final work and coordinates with the decor in your room. A bad frame or the wrong color mat can make your art seem bland. For instance, a black metal gallery frame for a rustic barn picture can look jarring and out of place. Alternately, a distressed, wood frame on an industrial black and white image can make the final work look awkward especially if your home is more loft space than farmhouse.

Framing can also be expensive, especially if you bring your work to a custom framer. While I strongly recommend doing this if your artwork is large, a non standard size or a one of a kind piece, you can choose the do it yourself method for less expensive pieces or reproduction prints.

Frames for Rustic or Farmhouse Style Art

Whether it be a barn print, fencepost or old garden bench, you can frame rustic art simply, using a thin and unobtrusive wood gallery frame or with a frame that enhances the farmhouse feel such as a distressed wood frame with a thicker molding. I love these frames from etsy:

They come in a wide variety of colors and are perfect for that farmhouse feel.

I also love these style frames from the same store:

The molding is thinner but the frame is a bit more adaptable to different interior styles and art work. It would complement a floral print just as well as a barn print.

Frames for Floral Art

Here’s where the style of the final image matters. A bright anemone captured against a black background really calls for a thin black gallery frame. In this instance, you really want the frame to be as simple as possible. I love these frames from Simply Framed. I partner with them and they offer great customer service:

The nice thing about the above frame is that choosing it in a different color, such as the warm silver, completes changes the feel of the final artwork. The silver would be beautiful with a lighter color floral print or even a black and white  image:

I also love this simple white frame which works well for most lighter toned flower prints:

Frames for Urban or Industrial Art

Amazon always delivers. These frames are simple and will work with many styles of art including beach prints but they are perfect for Urban and Industrial images, especially black and white art:

Most of the frames on Amazon don’t go much larger than 16x20 or 20x24. If you’d like a custom look or a larger frame, my personal favorite is Framebridge. Here are a few that would work well for a NYC art print especially the Flat Iron Building or Empire State Building print:

Finally, there are some frames that are just so unique and beautiful, that it can be a matter of finding the right art that works for the frame. I love these:

Screenshot 2019-05-26 09.52.33.png

I love this idea I found on Pinterest. I have no idea where the image came from but the tiny frame and print of a bird is just adorable. I haven’t been able to find the exact frame but Obrienandschridde offers some unique styles. I have a few in my house and while they are very ornate so work only with a specific style of home, they are beautiful and well made:

My pinterest board of Frames and Framing includes lots of other styles. I pin to the board weekly so it’s a great place to go for new ideas! I’m an active Pinterest user so I’d love it if you followed all of my boards: