My Favorite Etsy Illustrators

I’ve long been a fan of Etsy and the amazing talent on the site. When I was looking for prints to decorate my children’s rooms, Etsy was where I looked. There are so many different Etsy illustrators that it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of beautiful imagery. I’m a firm believer in honoring other artists so I’ve curated a few of my favorite shops and prints here (affiliate links below):

Paola Zakimi Studios - I especially love her sweet animal images but all of her work is beautiful. Some of my favorites:

Majali Design and Illustration - I’ve purchased her prints and in person they are just beautiful. Her work is whimsical and maybe even a little dark. But that’s what I love about her. Some of my favorites:

Tubidu - Her work has long been on my list of prints to buy. I adore her Parisian illustrations and her mesmerizing designs of the city. Some favorites:

Brendan Draws - There is so much wonder and life in his artwork. Each print is a story in itself. My favorite:

Bleubri - Bri is one of those artists who astounds me with his creativity. I love looking through the images in his shop. each and every one of them is a beautiful piece of art. I’ll be honest, I had a hard time choosing some favorites but here are a few:

He has a whole section of cute animals on bikes and they are adorable!

He has a whole section of cute animals on bikes and they are adorable!

Finally, I am always adding illustrators to my Shop Favorites so make sure to take a look.